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Why Advertise?

Television Advertising Delivers Disability Cases

More than any other advertising medium, television provides the most marketing potential for Social Security Disability attorneys. Unlike Yellow Pages, billboard or direct mail, television is dynamic. It reaches out to viewers, motivating and compelling them to respond. Disability attorneys, who do not advertise on television are plagued by a dwindling caseload and face extinction in the Social Security market.

Every year, more and more Social Security Disability attorneys increase their caseload with television advertising. The results speak for themselves: our ads reach disabled people in their living rooms and hospital beds, and get a response.

Internet And Paid Search Ads

The SSD Group uses SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertising to generate national and local leads, which include pay-per-click (PPC ) ads, display ads and retargeting ads. Our certified digital experts bid to ensure ads are competitively ranked against other advertisers. All traffic generated is then taken to a localized landing page, prompting the user to contact a local disability attorney in their area.

SEO And Content Marketing

The SSD Group also utilizes organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to generate search query response leads. This means our website pages are routinely optimized with updated social security disability content and relevant images. Through this national and local awareness, more traffic and disability leads are generated.

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