The Experts in Social Security Disability Attorney Marketing

Helping Social Security Disability Attorneys Increase Their Caseloads

The SSD Group® is the most effective marketing program for Social Security disability attorneys. We have increased the caseloads of hundreds of disability attorneys across the country. No other program comes close to our results. We deliver the most calls of any television advertising plan, and more disability calls to your office means more disability cases for you. Now you can instantly compete with the top spenders in your market.

We Make Money for our Clients.

The Most Disability Cases for Your Ad Dollars

Your advertising dollars are combined with those of other participating disability attorneys. Your individual advertising costs are limited, yet you receive all the benefits of a large-scale television marketing campaign. When our commercials run, you will reach the highest number of disabled people in your television market at the lowest possible cost.

Your Phone Rings Immediately

Our professionally produced television commercials are designed to maximize phone response. These direct response television ads motivate Social Security claimants to call an attorney immediately... and that attorney could be you. Our Direct-Connect phone system allows you to speak to the claimants immediately. There is no delay or human error, and no one touches your phone calls.

Strategies that Reach Social Security Claimants

Our expert media buyers analyze programming, rates and the demographic make-up of the viewing audience in your television market. We know which television stations and programs claimants watch and when, and the results speak for themselves. Our ads reach disabled people who do not have access to a lawyer.  

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